afrique nouvelle musique africa new music toronto canada art arts african congo congolese arthur tongo thomas tumbu festival bana y'afriqueAfrique Nouvelle Musique calls on volunteers annually to carry out its various activities: festivals, series of shows, black history month, etc.

Afrique Nouvelle Musique offers more than one volunteer opportunity, whether on the Board of Directors, on committees or during activities such as festivals, concerts, shows, Black History Month ,…

Volunteering at Afrique Nouvelle Musique helps to:

  • gain Canadian work experience
  • become familiar with Canadian workplaces
  • practice French and English
  • make friends and acquaintances
  • expand its network of contacts
  • have a great experience in the arts
  • obtain references in Canada
  • meet artists from here and elsewhere
  • hear about job opportunities
  • take on new responsibilities
  • develop new skills

Volunteering at Afrique Nouvelle Musique can also open the door to gainful employment.

Most employers will ask questions about Canadian work experience.

It could happen that you are not hired because of this lack of experience, even if the people have the required skills. Volunteering is a great way to gain Canadian experience and meet people who can help you with references.

A growing number of employers see volunteering as a valid part of candidates’ work histories

Afrique Nouvelle Musique is always looking for people interested in serving on the board of directors or its various committees throughout the year.

Contact us to join the Afrique Nouvelle Musique team.