Acoustic Concert with Tamsir Seck – Oct 28, 2023

Afrique Nouvelle Musique presents Tamsir Seck in an acoustic concert.
DATE: October 28, 2023 at 8 pm
VENUE: Small World Music Center, 180 Shaw St, Toronto
TICKETS: $15 in advance at 1.437.388.3365; $20 at the door
Thanks to Ontario Arts Council and Canadian Heritage for the support.

TAMSIR SECK: Originally from Thiès in Senegal, Tamsir Seck descends from a family of griots belonging to the Wolof group. The griots are a caste of musicians and singers who are guardians of the community’s history, passing on their knowledge from father to son for generations. “In African oral tradition,” explains Tamsir, “griots are considered the guardians of culture. They liven up everyday life. Their music helps to energize African culture. For eight years, Tamsir was a member of the troupe of the National Ballet of Senegal. He masters the traditional dances of the ten regions of his country. His job as a dancer allows him to travel to Africa, Europe and the United States. “African dances are fascinating because they have very specific meanings,” he says. “All dances are experienced intensely and reflect a particular state of mind. African dances are based on different traditions. They also have ample room for improvisation. African dance expresses freedom of spirit, while respecting a certain technique or a certain theme. Every gesture has meaning. A Griot by his cultural roots, Tamsir also plays several traditional African musical instruments including the Djembe, the Tama, the Sabar and the Khalam.

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